Convenience Store Clerk

All full or part-time C-Store associates are responsible for the proper and efficient operation of their shift, within company policy. This means that they must ensure that the shift contributes to the increased profitability of the store. The term "C-Store associate" applies to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, shift employees, both full and part-time.
Customer Service
oGreet Customers with a smile, be friendly, and offer prompt service.
oGreet gasoline customer on intercom (if applicable).
oPractice the suggestive sell.
oThank customer.
oAdhere to all city, county, state and federal alcohol and tobacco regulations.
Customer Transaction
oEfficiently operate cash register making sure to ring all sales and managing cash and credit cards as directed by your manager.
oOperate lottery/lotto terminal.
oOperate gasoline intercom and console.
oIf there is a car wash at the location, must operate the car wash terminal (if applicable).
oMust be able to help customers with car wash problems.
oOperate shift within all company guidelines.
oSweep and mop floors.
oClean shelving and racks.
oClean and sanitize restrooms.
oClean and sanitize all fast food and drink equipment.
oClean, organize and stock cooler.
oClean all windows, doors, and cooler doors.
oClean gasoline islands and pumps.
oEmpty trash inside the store and on the lot.
oCheck equipment and temperatures.
oTo perform other tasks assigned by the store manager.
oAssist the manager in seeing that the store maintains a 95% or better on image inspections.
oClean the car wash areas (if applicable).
Stocking and Pricing
oStock items on shelf and racks.
oAbility to bend, twist, and lift at least 50 lbs. in narrow spaces.
oChange syrup box for fountain drinks.
oKeep fast food area stocked.
oPrice all items making sure to change any signs if there have been any price changes.
oRotate all stock and pull out-of-date stock off the shelf and store in the backroom for supplier credit.
oStay familiar with the products and prices in the store.
oComplete the shift check-in procedures before starting the shift and complete check-out procedures at the end of the shift.
oBe alert to shoplifting prevention procedures.
oPractice good cash control at all times.
oDo not place cash under register draw.
oFollow company policy with regard to excessive cash in registers, change box, and safe security, as directed by the store manager.
oFollow correct vendor check-in procedure as defined in the operations manual and as directed by the store manager. Make sure you scan the invoice delivered by the vendor.
oProtect company assets at all times.
oFollow the work schedule as posted, unless a change in schedule is arranged with the store manager.
oEnsure that the manager is aware of all sales, cash or operating discrepancies within one (1) hour.
oPrepare a shift report at the end of the shift as per company guidelines.
oAdvise the store manager of any personnel situations or policy violations that have an adverse affect on the store's operation.
oReport any equipment (coffee machines, microwaves, refrigerators, gas pumps, lights, plumbing fixtures, etc) which are not working to your station manager.
Performance Evaluation
oThe store manager will review the employee's performance and recommend additional training or corrective procedures to improve performance.
oAssociates will be terminated for insubordination, cash shortages, selling alcoholic beverages and tobacco to minors, and not arriving on time for work.
Requirements for the Job
oThe following constitute "essential functions" of the job.
oRead, understand, and write the English language.
oPerform arithmetic calculations in order to be able to make change, complete shift reports, and account for a variety of products during vendor check-in.
oHave sufficient visual acuity to check identification.
oRead and understand instructions for operating electronic cash registers and other equipment.
oCan lift up to 50 pounds, and carry cases of milk cartons and soft drinks, beer and juice containers.
oCan stock shelves and coolers.
oCan react to a fire by lifting the fire extinguisher and using it to extinguish the fire.
oTolerate exposure to gasoline fumes and cleaning products.
oCan climb a ladder to clean windows.
oSweep and mop floors, dust shelves, and lift and carry out trash containers and place in an outside bin;
oCan clean the parking lot and ground surrounding the convenience store;
oCan enter and work in a refrigerator walk-in cooler as needed.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.